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Carbon Footprint: Role of Communication

Media Ethics and Key Challenges

Social Media Key Issues and New Challenges

The Bifurcation of Media in the Bifurcating State

Theatre and Sociological Issues

Environmental Degradation: Commn Role

DSC to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Adapting Communication by DSS

Revolutionary Impact of Satmass Media

Sustainable Development and Women

Crime Against Women in India

Communication to Break Resistance to Change

Children's Rights and Media in Indian Milieu

Gender Discrimination in Media

The Heuristics in Political Decision Making

Social Media in Communicating Emotions

Sine Qua Non for Revisiting Ethics of Journalism

Can OTT be the Solution to the Fate of Film Industr

Diversity in PR

Public Relations Standpoint of Artificial Intelligence

Enduring Relevance of PR in Retail Politics

Book Review on Working Media Women

Book Review on An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research

Book Review on Women in Indian Regional Television Channels

Music: An Investigation into Maestro Illayaraja's Telugu Film Music

Differentiating Information

Social Media Sock Puppets

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