This book is a collection of diaries of Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi, an air veteran. At the beginning of the book, the narrator, who is the author himself, narrates on the last working day of his Indian Air Force Service. Life, half-planned, is before him. Future, as yet half-glimpsed, like the evanescent greenery on the bank of a river that leads his thoughts running, makes of the narrator for a long while an exile from his hometown, from his parents, his friends and extended family, and most importantly from his desired life itself. And his passion to prove himself in the civil domain is the catalyst that makes him go back over the same ground to all that which he had turned his back on.

As measured by any civilian counterpart, the life of a soldier is very abstruse and perplexed. Hardly, the general public grasps the trait of service above self effected by the members of the Armed Forces. Palpably, the general public barely commiserates the freedom they enjoy as attributable to the efforts of soldiers. This book is purely based on the facts from the diaries of the author — typical memoirs of an air warrior. As one reads through the book, righteously armed forces veterans would correlate them through the author’s journey while serving air warriors could draw motivation. As well, the general public might appreciate the lives of soldiers — precisely of an air warrior!

I am immensely happy about sharing the update on my recent book, "The Guided Missile: Memoirs of An Air Warrior." After undertaking a few academic projects, I strongly felt that I should comprehensively attempt to give a shape to my air force memories, despite the fact that I comprehend the very fact that the memoirs of a soldier could veer into hagiography only if the soldier is given carte blanche to express his views. After seeking the formal approval from the competent authorities, the book has finally been published and available in the market. Shortly, the book will be available in the e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. In this milieu, I earnestly ask you to shower your love and affection and wish this project, my first-ever attempt in this zona, a grand success! My sincere thanks to my friend and well-wisher, Navin Maranatha Nayar, a gallantry award winning Air Force Aviator for his foreword to my book. You can find introduction to the book as well as the publisher details at the following link Though the price of the book is 350/- you can grab your copy @ 250/- (inclusive of postal charges) by directly requesting the publisher against trade/author's discount by sending WhatsApp request to +918586876644 and quoting my name in the message. Shortly, I shall update you on the online links for buying the book. Thank you!!



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