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Note: The following poems are written by me as an adolescent. So obviously, they are abysmal in nature. I do not want to rewrite or modify for sundry reasons


'Umbel! Umbel! ! Macaw's Apparel 
 Advent Alms Rarely Charms 
 Alpine Idyll Novel Kill 
 Imbue Innate Muse'

Sixty Years

 Sacrament of togetherness and 

 Incipiency of liveliness made 

 Xiphoid life of yours an exemplary; 

 Temperate speaking qualities and an 

 Yearn to achieve goals smoothly 

 Yield thy life wonderful and gives you an 

 Ecsatcy of joy to feel happiness, 

 Adinfinitum and thus make you feel to say: 

 "Radiant is my life given by Thee (God) 

 Scripture is my life made by She (wife)" 

 By: Dr. Suman Kumar Kasturi 

 Dedicated to: My dear Bapuji (Father) Shri Kasturi Sree Ramaiah on the occassion of his 60th B'day on 20th May 2005

The Night

 "Racme worn 

 Angel appeared with a 

 Jade having known to be an 

 Adroit, shined like a 

Nacre and greatly twinkled with 

 Inexorable flash to bless you on your day" 

Note:  This poem won the prize of


'Magnanimity is her nature  On this earth for every creature' 

'Talismanic is her power Hedonism is her shower' 

'Empyreal is her face Rapport is her race' 

Inspired by & Dedicated to: My mother Smt Kasturi Savitha

Beautiful Ship 

Friendship is the 'ship' which has good out look 

With all structure and colours, which fill the heart with beauty 

But it has given place only in the water not on the land 

It bears many troubles till it becomes end 

It overcomes wind, storm and all; but it never feel pain nor gain 

Still it wants to help 

It brings joys to the people as long as they use it well 

But I question 'how long it runs? ' Thus 'as long as' you answer

A Sudden Thought

'Life', the boat I wanted to sail 

 where the journey was futile 

'Success', the mountain I wanted to reach 

 the journey that gave me only breech 

 'Talent', the quality of a great in me, daunted by fate